We are the college doctors for 12 Oxford University Colleges*. If you are studying at one of these colleges we strongly encourage you to register with us as an NHS patient. If you are a member of one of these colleges and are not already registered you can register online here

Please note we are only able to register patients at an address within our practice area.  You can check whether your address is within the boundary email here

The NHS services we provide are confidential, but if necessary, and with student consent, we can help our student patients liaise with their colleges and the university if health problems are affecting academic studies, or if adjustments need to be made due to health reasons. This includes providing university medical certificates and other supporting documentation if required by the university.

If you are a student and have been advised by your college or department to obtain a formal university medical certificate please complete the form below.  If you have had support from the University Counselling Service or the University Disability advice service please contact them about this BEFORE you contact us as they can often provide the necessary certificates.  Please be aware that we may need to contact you to discuss your certificate, especially if you have not recently seen us for the medical condition involved. For conditions that have resolved which we do not have any medical evidence for it can be difficult for us to provide certificates. Certificates will be sent directly to your college, please allow 5 working days for this. If a certificate is required more urgently please ask your college to liaise directly with us once you have returned your form to us.


All the colleges provide health and welfare support to their students and we encourage you to access these college based services. Information about the wider university health and wellbeing services can be found here. Many colleges have college nurses available on site – more details and surgery times available from individual colleges.

* Balliol, Exeter, Green Templeton, Harris Manchester, Kellogg, Linacre, Nuffield, Pembroke, Queens, St Johns, University and Wadham.

Medical certificate for students