Covid  and Flu Vaccine Update

We very strongly encourage everyone who is eligible for covid or flu vaccines to have them.  

  • Covid Booster vaccines, as well as first and second doses,  are widely available via the National Booking Service or by calling 119 and at walk in sites
  • Primary immunisation course covid vaccines given overseas are often not picked up by the national booking service. If you had your intial doses overseas and believe you are due a booster but can't book online please contact 119 to discuss further. If 119 cannot help your best course of action is to attend a walk in site with your overseas documentation once you are at the appropriate time for a booster.

THIRD DOSE FOR IMMUNOSUPPRESSED INDIVIDUALS:  The criteria for who should have a third primary dose (which is not the same as a booster) are on page 22 of this guidance. If you think you are eligible and haven't yet been contacted please email and we will be able to help.

NHS ENGLAND PROOF OF VACCINATION:  Information on demonstrating your covid vaccination status is here. If you cannot access this link, or the NHS App, please call 119 who will arrange a letter for you. We are not able to provide documents relating to vaccination status and kindly ask that you do not contact us about this matter.

COVID VACCINES GIVEN OVERSEAS : If you have had covid vaccinations overseas we can record these on your NHS records. Please send copies of your vaccine documentation to Please note that we are not allowed to enter these  in such a way that they appear in your NHS Covid Pass - instead you will need to use the documents you were given at the time of your vaccine, or vaccine passports from that country, as evidence of vaccination.


  • When vaccine supplies permit we run flu vaccine clinics available at 19 Beaumont Street - if you are eligble you will be sent an SMS inviting you to book this. If you  cannot book online at contact reception.
  • This page of the NHS website lists who is eliglble for NHS flu vaccines. 
  • Flu vaccines are also available at local pharmacies

Published: Jan 1, 2021