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About the practice


Our team

The practice is located in two adjoining attractive Georgian houses. Each of the partners and the GP Registrar has their own consulting room. There is a suite of treatment rooms and a library. We work as a team with individual members being responsible for different areas of patient care and we try to give our patients the best possible service.

See our doctors, nurses and support staff pages for more information about our team.

Registering with us

To register with us for full medical care you must be entitled to NHS care and live within our current practice area, which covers central, north and west Oxford.

If you live outside of this area, you may be able to register as an 'out of area' patient, which means you can attend the practice for appointments but will not be entitled to home visits in the event you become too unwell to attend the surgery. Please note that applications for 'out of area' registration are decided at the doctors' discretion.

To register, please see our reception team for the appropriate forms which you will need to complete.

Practice population

We care for approximately 14,500 patients, in predominantly central, north and west Oxford. Oxford is a diverse and cosmopolitan city and contains a wide range of ages, socio-economic classes, ethnicities, nationalities and cultural groups.

Students from 12 Oxford Colleges contribute to around a quarter of the practice population. The Oxford University Colleges we care for are:

  • Balliol
  • Exeter
  • Green Templeton
  • Harris Manchester
  • Kellogg
  • Linacre
  • Nuffield
  • Pembroke
  • Queens
  • St John's
  • University
  • Wadham

We also provide medical services to the occupants of the Approved Premises (AP) Clarks House and 112 Abingdon Road.


Please read our Protecting Your Confidentiality Fair Processing Notice which explains why we collect information about you, how that information may be used and shared, how we keep it safe and confidential and what your rights are in relation to this.

We provide a confidential service to our patients, including students and young people aged under 16. As a general rule, we won't tell anyone about your visit or pass on the information you tell us to your friends or family, unless you give us your permission to do so.

This means that if you ask someone else to speak to a doctor on your behalf, that doctor will not be able to pass on information about you unless we have evidence that you have given your permission.

We will share relevant information about your health with other professionals and staff members in the health service for the purposes of providing your care and investigating any problems or complaints. These professionals and staff members have a legal duty to protect your confidentiality.

Although our doctors and nurses will not tell you any personal information about your friends or family members without their permission, you are encouraged to tell us if you have concerns about a friend or family member's wellbeing or safety.

In some circumstances, we may have to share information about you without your permission, although this is very rare:

  • We might have to pass on information if we believe you or someone else are at risk of serious harm (e.g. if you are seriously considering harming yourself or another person)

  • There are rare occasions where the law requires us to report certain information to the proper authorities (e.g. for the prevention of terrorism or female genital mutilation).

These instances are rare and on the whole you can be reassured that your conversations with your doctor or nurse will be private.

Students and trainees

This is a teaching and training practice and we often have medical students, doctors and nurses joining us for training. Medical students and trainees and bound by strict rules of confidentiality. We are grateful to patients who generously help our future NHS doctors and nurses to learn their skills, but we realise that sometimes this can be difficult. If you would prefer the student or trainee not to be present, please inform the receptionist or doctor - this will not affect your care in any way.